A tiny and adorable little pup accompanied these boys to our neutering and rabies vaccination camp in 2014. The boys and their dogs were from Karma Samten Ling Monastery in Ngarwal (3,900 m).

This image of the boys laughing with their dogs resting by their side h...

Dogs can be really great, but they can also be rather troublesome. Approximately 32,000 people are treated for dog bites every year in Nepal, and close to 200 people, mostly children, die from rabies. With clinics and doctors located hours or sometimes days away from v...

Kalo the wanderer surveys his territory - Manang Valley. Our canine distemper study identified 93 dogs in Manang's Upper Valley. We know where these dogs come from, if they were born in the valley or were brought in from elsewhere. We have learned what they eat, how ma...

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