I'm back in the Himalayas for the second time with the HMP team – Debby, Ajay and Mukhiya. The purpose of my last visit to the Himalaya was to sterilise dogs, and support Debby's canine distemper study. This time, our focus was slightly different - to vaccina...

It was the best proposal I had ever heard, and something I never knew I had been waiting for.

 “Would you like to help me with my project in Nepal in May 2018?” - HMP's Debby Ng asked in an email from Singapore, I was based in the UK at that time.

I first joined the Hi...

He was the sweetest dog when he didn't have a muzzle. He loved the doggie treats we held out toward him. He was compliant when he didn't have his arm stretched out toward the vet. But he wouldn't give us the 3mL of blood that we needed. 

If you are a dog owner...

Thanks to a grant from the National Geographic Society, we had the fantastic opportunity to build upon our neutering and anti-rabies vaccination program, and conduct Nepal's very first canine distemper survey in the Himalaya! 

Residents of Annapurna Conservation...

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