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First in Mustang: 105 dogs neutered, 150 vaccinated

This year, we made history as the first to deliver free dog neutering and anti-rabies vaccination services to the ancient Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal. This effort would not have been possible without the love and help from our volunteers, and partners, but most of all, we achieved this monumental and unprecedented task because YOU believed in us. Thank you. Our 2017 expedition was also made possible by a grant from The Rufford Foundation. Above: Our team in Muktinath (3,850m)

Neutering and vaccination

Our team neutered and vaccinated a total of 104 dogs, and an additional 45 received vaccinations only. Local communities were fundamental in helping us catch community dogs, and in encouraging pet owners to bring their animals to our camp for neutering and vaccinations. We thank the District Livestock Office of Mustang, Village Development Committee Chairpersons, Himalayan School of Mountain Warfare, Red Cross (Jomsom), and dozens of individuals for helping us reach out to their community. Special thanks to Urkan Gurung, and Tashi T. Gurung from Muktinath. Above: Residents of Jharkot (3,750m) with their dogs.

Dog catching was especially challenging in this vast and open landscape. We learned a great deal about how dogs are behaving in Mustang - where they go to hide, the size of packs they form, and that some of them even scale rocky cliffs! We were mind blown by the versatility and adaptability of these animals, and it really emphasised the potential impact that they may have on livestock and wildlife. There really are few areas that these hardy mountain dogs are not able to access!

We need your support to continue our important work in Mustang. Donate to our 2018 campaign here. Thank you for an incredible 2017! Lets take this project that YOU have build, onwards and upwards!

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