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We are on the ground doing amazing work to help people and wildlife. The best way you can help is by giving us the financial support we so desperately need. Every dollar we raise can help stop the spread of disease and protect people and wildlife from rabies. 


Extreme geography imposes a high cost of travel that prevents villagers from accessing potentially life-saving veterinary care.
It is worthwhile to overcome this cost as it is cheaper to prevent disease outbreaks than to respond to one.
It costs just US$15 to neuter and vaccinate a dog against rabies, the benefits of which carry through the dog's life.
It costs at least US$500 to vaccinate a person against rabies, and upwards of US$3,000 to treat a person suspected of contracting rabies.



When neutering increases, culling decreases.

Villagers support us by not culling dogs that have been neutered and vaccinated.

Keeping a population of neutered and vaccinated dogs within a village builds herd immunity.

Neutering dogs reduces the birth rate of unwanted puppies, while allowing villagers to keep their pet dogs.

We expand our target area once more than 70% of dogs in a village have been neutered and vaccinated.

Our efforts were suspended in 2015 due to the earthquake.

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