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They walk from afar

Your animal is sick and it's time to go to the vet. What do you do? You might call your veterinarian to make an appointment, or just drive down to your local vet and wait till it's your turn. It sounds easy, but it is beyond the means of everyone who lives in the Himalaya.

Here, there is no one to call when your animal is sick. With the nearest city vet located at least nine hours drive away, few farmers can afford to take the time necessary to make such a trip for their animal. Leaving the farm to visit the vet would leave farm animals and crops uncared for. For women, it could also mean leaving children unattended.

Sometimes farmers are still too busy tending to their land and animals to take time off to visit our field camp, so they get their children to do it instead. But even getting your children to do the task is a unique opportunity we create - you wouldn't send your child off on a nine hour journey to the vet.

Our services are especially beneficial for the elderly. While they may not have large tracts of land to tend, they often have animals like goats and cows. When those animals are put to pasture, there is water to collect from the river, clothes to wash by hand, wheat to dry in the sun before the monsoon rains arrive, and firewood to harvest. There is always lots to do when you live in the Himalaya.

So we deliver vets and vaccines into the mountains, and they walked from afar.

They may not have much money, but they can afford to walk. Especially when there's never a veterinarian around.

Those with cats are especially appreciative. Travelling with cats is frustrating for cat owners, and stressful for cats.

They walked from afar with their dogs, because you gave them a good reason to.

Your donations can change a nine-hour drive into a walkable distance.

Help us deliver vets and vaccines into the Himalaya, and give them a reason to walk that will be worth it!

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