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HMP Co-Founder, Debby Ng, spoke at “Inspired by Values”, an annual speaker series organised by GIC Singapore. Volunteers from GIC were wonderfully enthusiastic, and organised a fund raising sale for some of HMP's groovy merchandise. They raised S$682 from sales, and another S$99 from donations, for a total of S$781 just over lunchtime! It was fantastic that people from the audience were so inspired to support our efforts in Nepal! I was extremely touched and motivated by their positive response! Most of all, I loved hearing stories from members of the audience who had themselves done work for animals on different fronts, and of the challenges and victories that they experienced. I thoroughl

Extreme off-road and exotic wildlife

The journey into Mustang was extremely challenging! We had to overcome at least seven landslides, on top of an already rugged and difficult terrain. We spent two days travelling just 12 km to get to our first camp in Kalopani (2,505m)! Above: Our vehicle bogged in a landslip section in Lete (2,124m). Two days of sudden torrential rains resulted in waterfalls that were both magnificent and deadly. A bus stranded in a section of the highway to Mustang following a landslip. Another landslip along the Mustang highway saw debris pouring down into the Kali Gandaki Gorge, which by some measures is the deepest gorge in the world. Vehicles stranded at yet another section of the highway impacted by a

Delivering relief

Without full time veterinarians or veterinary facilities in the Himalaya, many animals with simple injuries end up in dire situations because ailments are left untreated. During our 15-day presence in the Himalaya, our team facilitated the euthanasia of one cow and one dog plagued by what had developed into life threatening tumours. This brought relief to both animals, and residents that had to helplessly watch their animals suffer a slow and impending death. We also treated a street dog (photo above, and video below) that had suffered injuries to its eye and ear following a fight with another street dog. Had we not shown up, this community dog would likely have died a slow and painful death

Changing the future one dog at a time

35 dogs were hung to death in the village of Tukche last year because residents had become frustrated with the ballooning dog population. In Jomsom, street dogs were gathered onto trucks then relocated into lower lying areas because residents didn't want to kill them, but their actions created problems for wildlife and other residents. In Muktinath, a dead cow was laced with poison and left in the hills with the hope that some dogs would eat it and die, but several vultures were killed instead. These are desperate acts by desperate communities struggling to find a solution to a dog overpopulation problem. Neutering and vaccination is the first step to curtail growing dog populations. For the

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