Top of the World (You Got Us Here)

Within a mere four months of developing this idea, we launched our pilot project into the Himalaya in May 2014. It does take a little crazy to do something like that! But it also requires a hell lot of resourcefulness and discipline! Together with our partner NGO (HART), we visited nine villages in the Himalayan District of Manang, and successfully vaccinated and neutered 158 dogs, and delivered vaccinations-only to an additional 43 that could not be neutered at this time. Locals were a little afraid of the idea initially, as surgery for dogs was unheard of. After observing how simple the procedure was, and watching dogs up on their feet soon after surgery, helped to boost their confidence i

Once is Not Enough

Our first camp is over but we have begun planning for 2015. We launch our second campaign to make sure we have all the funds we need to keep doing our work for the Himalaya. Our fund raising campaign held between Feb-Apr 2014 raised only SG$7,700 of the US$11,000 we needed to make this camp happen. We reached into our personal funds to make up for the shortfall. We’ve no regrets and were still thoroughly thrilled with the outcome. We are glad we pushed ahead and succeeded! One of the reasons we didn’t manage to raise as much funds as we needed, was because of time. We wanted to get started as soon as possible because the villagers were ready for it, and we only have a short window every year

Edwin Siew Loves the Himalaya

The Himalayan Mutt Project is suuuper thrilled to have the support of Professional Mountaineer Edwin Siew, who was the first Singaporean to summit Everest, and who continues his exploration of the Himalaya today! We were so impressed with his extensive and long-term experience in the Himalaya. He must have witnessed so much amazing wildlife (he's even seen Ibex!), met hundreds of wonderful people, and would been witness to dozens of natures spectacles. With over a decade of experience in the Himalaya, we were really humbled to have Edwin's support for our work. Meeting him, we could really feel his love for the Himalaya and all the life that she supports. To have had such an intimate connect


No one had heard about dog neutering till we showed up. What do locals have to say about our work? Many locals were shy when we asked to interview them about their thoughts, but we felt it was necessary to hear their views so that we can reflect on our work. The last thing we want to do is to spend time and effort on fixing a problem that our beneficiaries might not perceive to be a problem. We also wanted to check that our message was being clearly communicated to the community. Did they understand the implications of our work? We are very grateful that this didi from Ngarwal took a deep breath to sit in front of our camera, and speak on behalf of her village!

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