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HMP & GIC Singapore

HMP Co-Founder, Debby Ng, spoke at “Inspired by Values”, an annual speaker series organised by GIC Singapore.

Volunteers from GIC were wonderfully enthusiastic, and organised a fund raising sale for some of HMP's groovy merchandise. They raised S$682 from sales, and another S$99 from donations, for a total of S$781 just over lunchtime! It was fantastic that people from the audience were so inspired to support our efforts in Nepal! I was extremely touched and motivated by their positive response!

Most of all, I loved hearing stories from members of the audience who had themselves done work for animals on different fronts, and of the challenges and victories that they experienced. I thoroughly appreciate that they took the time to reflect, and then come forward to share these stories.

Another thing I loved was how different people with different backgrounds contemplated unique ways to support our efforts - this is how great teams are built! When different people with different skills put their heads together for a mission. In spite of the challenges that we have in building and fulfilling the objectives of HMP, enthusiasm and support from communities like these keep me hopeful that many of these challenges can be overcome. We just need some tenacity and patience to allow these ideas to be realised!

It has been a privilege to have had this opportunity to share about the work of my team in Nepal. I enjoyed responding to the very thoughtful and wonderfully curious questions that came after the talk! I felt very engaged by the audience and express my gratitude to Lam Yimin for thinking about the work of HMP, and to Dawn Lee for organising this event! I look forward to keeping these connections alive!

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