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Edwin Siew Loves the Himalaya

The Himalayan Mutt Project is suuuper thrilled to have the support of Professional Mountaineer Edwin Siew, who was the first Singaporean to summit Everest, and who continues his exploration of the Himalaya today! We were so impressed with his extensive and long-term experience in the Himalaya. He must have witnessed so much amazing wildlife (he's even seen Ibex!), met hundreds of wonderful people, and would been witness to dozens of natures spectacles. With over a decade of experience in the Himalaya, we were really humbled to have Edwin's support for our work. Meeting him, we could really feel his love for the Himalaya and all the life that she supports. To have had such an intimate connection with the Himalaya as a mountaineer, in spite of the risks and the dangers, you must truly love the Himalaya to keep going back as many times as Edwin has.

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