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Once is Not Enough

Our first camp is over but we have begun planning for 2015. We launch our second campaign to make sure we have all the funds we need to keep doing our work for the Himalaya.

Our fund raising campaign held between Feb-Apr 2014 raised only SG$7,700 of the US$11,000 we needed to make this camp happen. We reached into our personal funds to make up for the shortfall. We’ve no regrets and were still thoroughly thrilled with the outcome. We are glad we pushed ahead and succeeded! One of the reasons we didn’t manage to raise as much funds as we needed, was because of time. We wanted to get started as soon as possible because the villagers were ready for it, and we only have a short window every year to carry out such an expedition as harsh monsoon and winters meant it would be inconvenient if not impossible to make such a journey any other time of the year.

It was incredible that we managed to raise a bulk of the money in a mere four months! We are grateful to all our backers for supporting our work and believing in us. We don’t want our work to be impaired by a lack of funds, that is why we are getting a head start this year and preparing for 2015 a good year in advance!

Our present campaign runs until 31 July 2014. The funds raised from this campaign will help us offset the costs from 2014, as well as help us prepare us to return to Manang District in Nepal Himalaya in 2015. Our plan is to neuter and vaccinate an estimated 200 dogs in Manang district. A sustained effort is what will make a difference for the dogs and communities.

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