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HMP x Raffles Girls' School

The students at Raffles Girls' School had some great questions about the Himalayan Mutt Project's efforts to save the Himalaya. Some of the questions included thoughts about long-term sustainability of the project, They also asked questions about how the international community can do more to help facilitate the growth of this project, and amplify its positive impacts for Himalayan communities.

Notwithstanding, there was also much oohing and ahhing over the adorable photos of dogs and wildlife that I shared during the talk.

Opportunities like these really help us relate to an issue that seems so far away. We are so fortunate in Singapore, to not have to worry about getting bit by dogs with rabies. But we do share similar problems with the Himalaya - how are domestic animals like cats and dogs affect local wildlife? What can we do to help prevent and manage conflicts of domestic animals with wildlife? It's wonderful how by helping others, we learn that we are in fact one big, global community. Learning and giving to each other across international boundaries.

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